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Dance dedicated to providing professional dance instruction in a caring and nurturing environment to students of all ages. Here is what you've been saying:

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"My daughter, Madilin has been a dancing girl at Dance On since she was 3 years old. It is more than a school for me, it is a family, fun, loving environment. She is 12 now and aspires to attend a performance art school when she gets older. She has made great friends and had wonderful mentors that have helped her grow into the ballerina she is today. - Renee & Richard Cotton




"Dance on is the coolest most super splendid place I ever goed. I like totally love, love, love it." 

- Honor Lucas Age 4... And a half 



I wanted to say - yet again this year..  that we so enjoyed the recital immensely.  For us they just get better and better.  Throughout the year I wonder what they're doing behind closed doors up there in dance class - but it's so nice to come to the recital and see all the hard work that you do, they do, and all your staff do collectively at recital. I also have to let you know that I continue to love your style of teaching AND the vibe of your dance studio.  I'm sure when you get to team it's more pressure - but my girls have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of dance and I think that is directly related to your teaching style and the way you run the studio.  My girls don't feel enormous pressure and I think that makes it all the more fun for them (and of course, to leave behind a dance shoe or two).  Somehow you straddle successfully the line between challenging them physically and still making it fun for them.   I also wanted to mention that you do such a good job identifying kids that have a natural talent and giving them the freedom they need but also to encourage kids that need to have their talent cultivated.

As a person that did NOT come from a background with dance (although I would have loved to, you know the whole living vicariously through your kids thing - HA!) I am so very impressed with what you/your staff does.  Thank you for a wonderful dance year - and we'll be seeing you sometime in August for sign ups!  :)

Thanks again!

Thank you.



"My daughter has been dancing at Dance On since she was 4 years old (wow, 8 years ago already).  We had been going to another studio in town for one year and I felt she did way too much sitting and watching and not enough moving.  I wish I had started her at Dance On when she was 3.  She NEVER sits and ALWAYS is moving.  Dancing is her passion and that passion is nurtured and encouraged in a warm, supportive and loving way at Dance On.  The teachers all love what they do and it is so apparent when my daughter tells us about her classes each week.  I truly believe that attitude comes from the top and "Miss Lori" Gorgone (the owner)  is the cause of that.  She is the most relaxed, motivating, positive, fun, loving person and I feel so fortunate that my daughter gets to share part of her week with her 10 months of the year.  My daughter currently takes 7 classes a week at Dance On and loves every single one of them for different reasons.  Every year at the recitals I am blown away at what those dancers are able to accomplish with ease and great big, genuine smiles on their face.  I recommend Dance On to everyone I know who has a child who is excited about dance--boys and girls.  There is truly no better dance studio in Hudson. "

Feel free to include my name with it if you need to.
Have a great day,
Theresa Kahn
(wow, I must be in a sappy mood--I got teary writing that because I truly feel so blessed to have you and Dance On as part of Kelsey's life.  I don't tell you enough--you truly are a gift)



I'm feeling sentimental so I'll send this while I'm thinking of it. Leah has been with you for many years now, I don't even know how many! It always has and continues to be a wonderful experience for her. You and your team do an amazing job especially the way you get to know each and every dancer and seem to truly care! Leah is looking forward to assisting more next year and of course, dancing! Thanks for all you do! :)



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