Tuition Policy


Due at your families first dance class the week of 9/10/18 through 9/17/18 will be September tuition. In addition a costume deposit of $50.00 per student must be paid. The $50.00 deposit is for all classes with the exception of: Adult,

Shimmy and Acro classes. The costume deposit MUST be submitted in a separate check and will be held until 10/1/18 for deposit and is non-refundable after 11/01/18.


Due at your families first dance class in October the week of 10/01/18 through 10/7/18 will be October and November tuition.



Due at your families first dance class in December the week of 12/1/18 through 12/7/18 will be December and January

tuition as well as any costume balance. (Balances will be posted in the outer waiting room). Costumes unpaid at this time will NOT be ordered. Late orders are not guaranteed for the recital and will be charged additional shipping fees.


Due at your families first dance class in February the week of 2/1/19 through 2/7/19 will be February & March tuition.


Due at your families first dance class in April the week of 4/1/19 through 4/7/19 will be April & May tuition. Tickets for the May recital will not be available for purchase to those families with an outstanding tuition account or costume balance.

A Late Fee of $5 will be added to any tuition submitted after the above listed dates. An additional $10 fee will be added to balances outstanding 14 or more days past due.

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