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Tuition Policy


Your dancer's tuition has been divided into 3 equal payments. These payments are due the week of September 10, 2022, The week of December 1, 2022 and the week of March 1, 2023. 

Costume deposit - A costume deposit for each block scheduling of classes your dancer is enrolled in will be due on October 1, 2022.  For example:

  • if your dancer is enrolled in a combo class such as Fancy Feet or  Ballet/Tap/Jazz you are expected to submit one deposit for that class by 10/1/22 and any balance due by 2/1/23 


  • if your dancer is enrolled in individual classes you are expected to give a deposit for each one ( tiny tumblers, bitty hoppers, Irish, ballet, Tap, Jazz, etc)  

Costume Balance - all costume balances will be due on 2/1/23 

Costume payments can NOT be combined with tuition payments.
Costume payments must be in check or cash form only


Tuition payments can be made via: venmo @dodc145b, check to Dance On Dance Center or cash. 

Policies & Fees:
1. When in doubt, check the website.

2. Tuition should be mailed to the studio at 145b Main St. Hudson Ma. 01749 or paid via Venmo at DODC145b. A fee will be
assessed for late payments and bounced checks.

3. The dress code is designed for your dancer(s) safety and comfort and dancers should arrive with the correct footwear for each dance class.

4. All dancers should be brought to the clearly marked door of the studio where their first class of the day is located. Once there, they will remove street shoes, be given a basket for belongings, asked to sanitize their hands and be directed to their taped off section to dance in. Parents should pick up dancers at designated door where each dancer will be asked to change their shoes, leave their basket and sanitize before being handed over to their parents. ( there will be 2 designated pick up areas, please be aware of the studio where your dancers last class is located.

5. All dancers should arrive on time for their class in proper dance attire with water and phones off. 

6. There will no longer be a waiting room or lounge for students and families. If your dancer has a long break between each class please make arrangements to have them picked up.

7. DODC supports a strong family environment and bullying of others is not tolerated in person, via social media or by any other means. We always encourage kindness. Any issues concerning DODC dancers should be directed to Miss Lori without hesitation via email at

8. Street shoes are not permitted in the studio. In the event you need to enter the studio please be prepared to remove your shoes.

9. There will be no eating allowed in the studio at all. Please send clearly labeled water bottles for your dancer.

10. All items brought by students to class including clothing, shoes, water bottles and bags should be labeled. All unlabeled items not claimed from lost and found will be donated in December and May.

11. Costume payments MUST be on separate checks from tuition or comp team payments and a note for their purpose should be marked on the check memo or envelope is appreciated.

12.  Dancers are expected to attend a dress rehearsal in May prior to the recital. One parent may attend, photo or video the rehearsal. Professional photo sittings for spring recital costumes will be offered prior to the recital. Details can be found in the Spring Newsletter.

13. Please be very aware of your surroundings in the parking lot. Spaces are tight and there are many small children coming and going.

14. Students who require medicine such as an epi pen, inhaler or other such medical need, should carry them to class at all times and make sure their teacher is aware of their condition.

15. Hair must be securely pulled back at all times. Ponytails, braids or buns please.

16.  In addition to shoes and costumes, each dancer is expected to have the appropriate tights to coordinate with their dance class for the recital, photos and rehearsals. Tight instructions for both Dress Rehearsal and the Recital will be listed in the spring newsletter. Dancers in more than one costume will need to purchase an over/under - which is a nude colored undergarment for coverage during backstage costume changes.

17. Miss Lori has final say in the placement of students to best fit their safety, growth and happiness. Each dancer progresses at their own pace.

18. If a dancer has a missed class due to illness, or exposure to illness, inclement weather or vacation, no reimbursement will be given. A remote option will be made available through google classroom.

Tuition rates per month: 

*Please add all family hours together before calculating your monthly tuition amount*
*Tuition will be divided in to 3 payments Due on September 1, 2022 / December 1, 2022 / March 1, 2023*

½ Hour = $45

¾ hour = $50

1 Hour = $55

1 ¼ hours = $60

1 ½ Hours = $65

1 ¾ Hours = $70

2 Hours = $75

2 ¼ Hours= $80

2 ½ Hours = $85  

2 ¾ Hours = $90

3 Hours = $95

3 ¼ Hours = $100

3 ½ Hours = $105

3 ¾ Hours = $110

4 Hours = $115

4 ¼ Hours =$120       

4 ½ Hours = $125

4 ¾ Hours $130

5 Hours = $135

5 ¼ Hour $140

5 ½ Hours = $145

5 ¾ Hours = $150

6 Hours = $155                       

6 ¼ Hours = $160

6 ½ Hours = $165

6 ¾ Hours = $170

7 Hours = $175

7 ¼ Hours = $180

7 ½ Hours = $185

7 ¾ Hours = $190           

8 Hours = $195

8 ¼ Hours = $200

8 ½ Hours $205

8 ¾ Hours $210  

9 Hours = $ 215

9 ¼ Hours $220

9 ½ Hours = $225                     

9 ¾ Hours = $230

10 Hours $ 235


*Please add all family hours together before calculating your monthly tuition amount*

*Tuition will be divided in to 3 payments Due on September 1, 2020 / December 1, 2020 / March 1, 2021*

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